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Bridal shoes for wide feet

The most beautiful wedding shoes are useless if they don't fit. However, for optimal wearing comfort, it is not enough to just pay attention to the right shoe size. The shoe width is also crucial! At Vivikka you can choose bridal shoes in different colours like ivory or pure white and with different shoe widths - from F for normal to G, H and E for wide(er) feet. How wide your shoe should be so that you can enjoy your wedding day to the fullest without aching feet, you can find out here.

As a general rule, the shoe width is correct if your foot sits firmly in the shoe at its widest point, in the area of the ball of the foot, without being constricted. If the shoe width is too large, the foot will slide forward and the heel will lift out of the shoe. This will quickly give you blisters and ruin your day. However, if the shoe width is not wide enough, your foot is quickly constricted in this shoe shape and the result is the same: Blisters and painful pressure points.

Therefore, when buying shoes in a shoe store or Vivikka online store, make sure you get the right size and width. General measurements for the circumference are: For a shoe size 38, shoe width F (normal) is 22.5 cm and width G (comfort width for normal width feet) is 23 cm. Shoe width H (wide) refers to a rather larger shoe width. For a shoe size 38, for example, you can assume a shoe width H of 23.4 cm. The shoes with fit Wide at Vivikka have a wide fit between comfort width G and width fit H. If you are not sure which fit is best for you, measure the widest part of the foot while standing and the size chart on the product page will show you the appropriate size.

Open-toe bridal shoes are usually more comfortable for wider feet than closed-toe pumps and look more modern. Suede and smooth leather are great for wide feet because they are flexible and can conform to your foot while you wear them. Now, if you go for branded shoes with high-quality inner padding, nothing will stand in the way of dancing the wedding night away.