3 Fehler beim Kauf von glitzernden Brautschuhen mit Strass

3 mistakes when buying glittery bridal shoes with rhinestones

Sparkling bridal shoes with rhinestones are beautiful. But if you are not careful when buying them, you can experience a bitter disappointment with them on your wedding day. Bridal shoe specialist Vivikka tells you the three mistakes you should avoid when buying sparkly wedding shoes. Of course, we'll also tell you what options you have to make your dream of shiny rhinestone shoes come true.

Tip 1: Beware of rhinestone embellishments with sharp edges.

Be careful when combining rhinestones with a floor-length dress. In that case, make sure that the rhinestones do not have sharp edges. Also, the metal claws that frame the rhinestones can get caught in your wedding dress and, in the worst case, tear it.

If you don't notice this until the day of your wedding, you won't be able to move freely in the registry office, in the church or at the wedding reception. You have to constantly watch out that nothing gets tangled and nothing tears.

Unless you don't want to give up bridal shoes with rhinestones, avoid ornaments in metal settings, but choose a pair with flat crystals attached with glue. Our recommendations for brides with long dresses: Hotfix rhinestone shoes.

Tip two: Avoid shoes with large glitter particles.

Buying shoes made of glitter material can also backfire on a floor-length wedding dress. Because of the often rough edges, there is also a risk here that the dress will get caught in your bridal shoes. In addition, this type of glitter comes off very easily, under stress sometimes even the first time you wear it.

If you love glitter, then choose shoes with a fine glitter. This can not easily get caught in the dress. In addition, fine glitter fabric is much more resistant to abrasion than coarse glitter material.

Tip Three: Do not buy shoes with inferior rhinestones

Rhinestones come in crystal, glass or acrylic. Rhinestones made of acrylic are made of plastic and are of low quality and. The stones scratch easily and quickly lose their luster when dirty. Rhinestones made of glass are much better, but do not reflect light as brilliantly as crystal. Crystal is the highest quality rhinestone. It is actually a type of glass, but with a high lead content that causes light to refract like a prism. You can tell if rhinestones are crystal by the brilliant sparkle they emit when you place them under the light.

Bridal shoes with rhinestones from VIVIKKA

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